Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor (Day) Barbecue Rankings (Sept. 1)

Actually, I won't be home to fire up the grill and cook up some tasty burgers or skewers for anybody today... but it sure does sound good.

Some teams deserve a day off today based on performances from the weekend. Others deserve extra work for their own putrid effort.

1. Columbus (12-6-4). The Eastern Conference/Supporter's Shield is theirs to lose - seven of remaining eight games against Eastern teams.
2. Houston (9-5-8). Everything is coming together for two-time defending champions.
3. New England (11-6-5). Dropping points against weak western team at home is not how Revs will win the East.
4. Chicago (10-7-5). The first of many Blanco-to-McBride goal combinations did not result in win.
5. DC United (10-10-2). Louis Crayton picks up his third shutout for DC.
6. New York (8-6-8). Road shutout and point sign of good club as New York carries over solid play on road.
7. San Jose (6-9-7). Earthquakes well on their way toward improbable playoff run.
8. Real Salt Lake (8-8-6). Must hold serve at home if RSL wants to reach playoffs for first time.
9. Chivas USA (7-9-6). Atiba Harris throws in yet another standout effort.
10. FC Dallas (6-8-8). Tough loss but it did come against MLS' best team.
11. Kansas City (6-8-8). Actually scored a goal on the road, and a nice one at that, but went for nothing.
12. Toronto FC (7-9-6). Suicide defending led to nothing on the road yet again.
13. Los Angeles (6-9-7). Turns out Josh Wicks is no better than Steve Cronin.
14. Colorado (7-12-3). Rapids may as well start thinking about 2009.


Anonymous said...

If the Crew win the Supporters Shield, I don't like their chances in C Champions League. I would suggest that they opt out of playing Superliga or Open Cup so as to not stretch themselves too thin.

Chivas was just flat out lucky and they just don't look like much of anything under Preki.

I think Christian Gomez wishes he did not get himself traded to the Rapids. He is a good example of how overreacting can put one in a bad situation.

Eugene said...

Preki is a very good coach in this league but Chivas USA has suffered from injuries all season long.

I don't even know what their starting 11 would look like if everyone was healthy because I don't think it's happened once all season.

If Chivas USA don't make the play-offs this year, they should spend the offseason rebuilding and get younger. If they fire Preki that would be a big mistake.

I also don't see how San Jose is higher than RSL. RSL are comfortably holding a play-off spot at this point; San Jose are out but still contending. Both teams won their games at home. I think RSL should stay above San Jose until SJ prove they can push their way in among the top teams in the West.

East River said...

I think Preki is an ok coach. The guy and CUSA brass has done nothing but bring in ok players all season long. Esky, Harris, Braun, Thornton and so on are all ok players who will not win anything but do help fill out the numbers. He look much better coaching the roster Bradley built.

Anonymous said...

Disculpen ante todo, que no puedo escribir en ingles, aunque lo entiendo más o menos bien. Mi opinion en cuanto a Chivas USA, es que el daño, aunque no lo créan, sigue y seguira siendo Preki, y lo comento por causas justificadas y porque a lo largo de mucho tiempo, hemos estado muy cerca de él. Su problema y para Chivas es,, que tráe, sólamente europeos malos, pero amigos o familiares. Muchos han sido los talentos y sobre todo hispanos jóvenes que han salido lamentablemente del conjunto, incluso más de tres seleccionados de U17., en cuanto al comercializado y sólamente éso, 'sueño por el fútbol" o algo similar y de deonde surgió Flores, hay mucho que comentar a su debido tiempo...pregunto, ?han sacado algo de sus populosas fuerzas básicas, de sus miles de niños que también buscan un sueño.?

RHYbread said...

Who lays out slower, Josh Wicks or Zach Thornton? They give new meaning to 'falling slow.'

Anonymous said...

I liked the attack minded game chivas USA brought on Saturday.

All of Preki's subs were offensive minded after he realized TFC was a team with no bite and decided to play for all the marbles.

Preki's only problem is our fowards's inability to beat the keeper. Chivas had 5 or more 1 vs. 1 against the TFC keeper but managed to only beat him once(Esky's goal). Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the first goal was an error on Thorton. He came out too early and gave himself away. Slow!