Friday, September 19, 2008

At the HDC

Ah, the Home Depot Center - acres of athletic facilities, a number of sporting personalities, and one frazzled me, trying to get stuff for stories.

I ran from the Galaxy's practice field to try to catch Claudio Suarez before he left with his teammates on a bus to the airport. I waited by the front entrance of the complex as various Chivas USA players walked by from the practice field. A fan stopped Johnny Bornstein for an autograph.

Then Bob Bradley emerged with Pierre Barrieu.

Noticing what they carried, I asked if they were going to play. Bob said yes. I asked who usually wins. Pierre just smiled. Bob admitted, "He won last time."

"Get revenge, then!" I called after them.

Then the soccer fan walked over to me. "Andrea? I heard him call you Andrea. Are you Andrea Canales? You write for ESPN?"

I said yes, wondering if I was going to be asked for my autograph. No.

"I read your stuff," said the fan.

"Thanks," I answered, vaguely disturbed that he hadn't mentioned whether or not he liked or agreed with anything I wrote.

He nodded at me. I wasn't sure what else to say.

"I don't usually get recognized," I finally ventured.

He eyed me and then said, "Well, I heard Bob say your name, and then I thought it might be you."

I was left wondering if my byline picture looks really outdated or something. My hair is shorter now.

The fan said he wanted to get Landon Donovan or Eddie Lewis' autographs. I told him I was waiting to talk to Claudio Suarez.

"Oh, well, I'll let you do your job," said the fan.

Suarez appeared, and as I started talking to him, Abby Wambach walked by. It's rude to break off an interview, but it would have been nice to get a few comments on the WPS from Abby. Timing is that way sometimes for reporters - it rarely falls into place perfectly. Sasha Victorine, Chivas USA's recent signing, also passed at the exact time I was occupied. It often happens that way. Ten players one doesn't really need interviews from will pass by, then the three players one wants to talk to all pass at the exact same time, so only one ends up getting interviewed.

Anyway, does anyone want to guess what sport Pierre and Bob were going to play?


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