Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Canales Corner #15

I finally got a little time to put the latest edition up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Canales corner #15, Andrea. I hope you're darkhorse can do some damage and the Canadian women come through. (Torontonian here). I'd rather watch good, technical soccer with some flair and perhaps one goal than an all-out, shootout (a la La Galaxy). By the way, what's your view on the problems with the Galaxy. Can anything be fixed? I've heard people complain about the defense in the midfield, but it's a team game and with Donovan and Beckham focusing more on offense than defense, it leaves freakin' Ely Allen and Vagenas to pick up the slack. Either Beckham or Donovan have to help out more.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, the problem isn't Beckham helping out defensively; that's a part of his game that even the knowledgable fans usually ignore. Donovan also can defend fairly well. The problems are:

1. A backline that's too old and too slow

2. A central midfield that's a sieve

And, most importantly...

3. A front office that can't evaluate talent, made too many unnecessary trades, lives under constant intimidation and pressure (danke schoen, Obergruppenfuerher Leiweke), values style over substance and has allowed Beckham's people to interfere in decision-making (i.e., hiring Gullit).

Anonymous said...

But aside from those errors, the LA front office has done quite well.

Coach said...

Just saw your Hill Running Blog - stopped at Day 1! lol

I trust you're still at it?

If you change your Comment section to the same as this Blog, I can comment!:)

Coach said...

Hey Andrea!

You really needed to also label this USWNT or Olympics - or both - lol - then it wouldn't have taken me 5 weeks to see it!

You gave Canada some major kudos - THANK YOU! :)