Monday, August 4, 2008

99 LuftBallons Rankings (Aug. 4)

99 Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont...

By the way, luft doesn't translate to red. Luft is air but red apparently sounded better.

1. New England (10-4-3). Will jump right back into the fray against its most difficult opponent on Saturday...
2. Chicago (8-5-5)... as Fire will visit New England, with Cuauhtemoc Blanco back from one-match ban.
3. DC United (8-8-1). No, he wasn't exactly Iker Casillas but Zach Wells got his first shutout of the year.
4. Columbus (9-6-4). Three points total from two western venues may not be such a bad thing.
5. Real Salt Lake (7-6-6). In solid footing out west; one of few Western clubs who can say that.
6. Houston (6-4-8). Brad Davis' goal was sublime. Brian Ching's wasnt, but at least he put it in back of net.
7. FC Dallas (6-6-7). Every time Cooper scores, the back of the net makes a sound similar to a cash register.
8. Chivas USA (6-7-4). Good news is, Maykel Galindo and Alecko Eskandarian both played on Saturday.
9. Los Angeles (6-8-5). With this defense, Galaxy needs to score four goals a game to have a shot of winning.
10. Toronto FC (6-7-5). Stick a fork in TFC if they can't win at BMO Field.
11. Kansas City (5-6-7). Wasn't Claudio Lopez supposed to score goals for KC? Wasn't that part of the deal?
12. Colorado (6-9-3). Have both must-win and sure-win next week as Toronto FC visits DSG Park.
13. San Jose (4-9-6). 'Quakes didn't look like an expansion team on Sunday.
14. New York (5-6-7). Red Bulls took week off to prepare for an ass-kicking from Barcelona.


just another one of you said...

Any thoughts from either of you on the ubiquitous "change is a coming" stories out there about the Galaxy?

I'm just amazed at how bad their front office is at identifying the mid-level talent they need to fill out their roster. Even the common sense move of trading Ruiz for money and signing Gibbs seems to be a longshot move for LA. Everyone knew 4 months ago that their defense was going to be horrible.

starinyourfire said...

i don't know if it's just me but i can't wait to see Barcelona stomp on New York, if the west is this close i think it may be obvious of who might go all the way even though i don't like that team(houston).

papa bear said...

I can't believe I'm commenting on Nina, but she does say 'rot' before luftballons.

'neunundneunzig rotluftballon' but it get's kinda slurred into the 'luft' since 'rot' basically just sounds like a cough when you say it.