Saturday, April 19, 2008

Working for Dallas

Whenever FC Dallas comes to town, I typically pick up some extra work. Because the same company, Belo, owns both The Press-Enterprise and the Dallas Morning News, I've covered FC Dallas when they come out here for the DMN for quite a few years. It's not set in stone as they always contact me prior to FC Dallas games, but they are always very gracious and great to deal with and it's really a treat to write for a publication like the DMN. I actually covered an Arena Football game for them once, the Dallas Desperados at the LA Avengers. My one and only experience covering Arena Football. Not the greatest thing I've ever covered, but that's another story for another day.

Anyway, just wanted to give our FC Dallas supporters a bit of a heads up for coverage on Sunday's game. I actually won't have too much room but I always try and get a quote or two in from the FC Dallas coach/players.

FC Dallas won't come out here again until late October, the final match of the regular season, so I suppose we should enjoy Kenny Cooper and Co. while we can.

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