Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who's next?

The opinions over who should take over with El Tri are varied. There really doesn't seem to be an overwhelmingly popular candidate, at least not like it was when Hugo Sanchez was up for the job. Over the past week or so, I've collected some quotes from some players, coaches and execs from Mexico and their different suggestions on who should take over.

A small sampling...

Manuel Lapuente [ex-Mexico, current Tigres coach] - Raul Arias (of San Luis). He has experience and knows how to run a team. Also, he knows that players will respond.

Francisco Fonseca - I've always said that the Mexican national team should count on Mexican coaches.

Victor Mahbub [Pumas exec] - Javier Aguirre would be a good option. I believe Mr. Aguirre depends on qualifying for Champions League and how he finishes in league, if he can finish in the top six or if Atletico Madrid does not want to re-sign him.

Jared Borgetti - (Ricardo Lavolpe) would be excellent. He is a coach who knows about World Cup qualifying and I'm sure that if we qualified the last time, we could surely do it again with him.

Cesar Villaluz - (Jesus Ramirez) is a coach who has worked with the youth national teams and has done things well. Now that he has a chance hopefully he can get results that would allow him to continue.

Andres Guardado - (Ricardo Lavolpe) is the best coach I have ever had.

Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas [Cruz Azul president] - There is no rush. All are excellent professionals but the only thing I can say is that it should be a coach who knows the Mexican game and has worked here before.


Anonymous said...

Pekerman seems to be where this is going...

saludos, d

The Hammer said...

Whoever the coach is, he must have a full understanding of the silly politics that go on in Mexican football and must be prepared to navigate through them.

It does us little good to have a coach who has a good idea of how things OUGHT to be if he can't first accept how things ARE.

My vote goes to Aguirre first, a coach that has spent years in Mexico second [be it Mexican or a foreigner], and an international "big name" coach or a coach who has less than 5 years in Mexico last.

Anonymous said...

Aguirre doesn't want the gig, it's going to be Pekerman... mark my words.

saludos, d

soyjimador said...

aguirre already said no.

interesting that most players loved playing for lavolpe.

i have faith in chucho.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

What? No interest in Esteve Esampson? Horrors!! What is Mexico thinking?

Anonymous said...

dude, it would be pure drama if they name lavolpe again. i know it won't happen but can you imagine?