Thursday, April 3, 2008

Juiciest rivalry

My editor Jonah Freedman ranks the Galaxy-Earthquakes rivalry as the best in MLS.

There are some pretty good quotes in there from Alexi Lalas and Joe Cannon as Jonah breaks down the series piece by piece, from history to fans to financial support, etc. Good stuff.


RHdigitalYS said...

That's a load of crap," argues Galaxy president and GM Alexi Lalas. "We structure expansion in this league so that we give incredible opportunities for expansion teams. Frank will cry poverty, but the reality is that he has incredible assets at his advantage, like not having to deal with me"


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Wow! I guess Lalas and Yallop really don't like each other.

Then again, when Alexi talks about "a load of crap," he should know what he's talking about. All he has to do is look in the mirror....

tracer1150 said...

The fans
The Galaxy have their Riot Squad, the Quakes their Casbah. Both vociferous supporters' groups save their more vicious chants and taunts for the archrivals. But like all Northern/Southern California rivalries, the majority of the hatred emanates from the Bay.

"San Jose fans are very, very passionate and they're very proud," Donovan says. "Our fans are the best, but L.A. fans are L.A. fans. Everyone knows that when the team is doing well, they're great. When we're struggling, they're a little fickle."

That's high respect for Donovan's haters up north, who thoroughly berated him when he first donned a Galaxy jersey in '05. There were the signs ("PrimaDonovan," "Donowho?"), and then there were the piñatas -- piñatas! -- with Landon's likeness turning up all over Spartan Stadium, which Quakes fans would throttle mercilessly during showdowns.

Furthermore, Quakes fans have been jerked around by instability: The original team went through four different owners (only one of whom was locally based), a stadium constantly deemed inadequate and the constant specter of the franchise relocating. Conversely, the new team is locally based and largely run by faces from the old organization. Winning immediately would be nice, but having the team back is in itself a gift.

Edge: Earthquakes.

Your editor is a little behind times. The Riot Squad is far from LA fickle fans(Though most of LA is ...well LAT). what was that quote from ,05??? last i checked our team sucks now and yet we had MORE season tickets sold for this year. and the cashbah are garbage. their best group is the ultra 1906. best supporting group between the two isn't even close... riot squad hands down. really undeducated piece by another galaxy hater...

Soledad said...

Do they chant "Beat L.A."? It's as effective and pathetic as the "Yankees Suck" chant.

papa bear said...

"They don't come much bigger than that."

...except Boca vs. River Plate, David. :) (oh and putting ManU vs. City on the same level as Barca v. Real is a bit much, IMO)

I'm curious, do most LA fans consider this rivalry dulled? I have to say the game on Thursday didn't sound all the rowdy for 'the biggest rivalry in MLS'.
To an impartial observer, it seems to me that Chivas USA is easily the biggest rival LA has. The games positively buzz every time I see them the last 18 months or so.