Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The three amigos

I'm actually just assuming that they are friends, but it's a logical assumption. The offer to try out with Miami FC may have been rescinded, but a move to MLS might be possible. The Cuban defectors are training in Los Angeles with the Galaxy.

Here's the translation of the relevant part of Christian's article.

From left to right - Yenir Bermúdez, José Miranda y Yordany Álvarez,
Galaxy opens door to Cubans
Three defectors from Olympic qualifying on trial with LA.
Cristian Echeverría
Three Cuban players, who recently defected from the team that competed in Olympic qualifying, began a trial yesterday with the Galaxy.

Defender Yenier Bermúdez, goalkeeper José Miranda y forward Yordany Álvarez are the three players trying to catch the eye of the Dutch coach so that they might stay on.
“Ruud is observing them and in the upcoming days will have an answer. They are interesting players and have just arrived here from Miami,” said a club spokesperson.
The Galaxy had their home opener versus the San Jose Earthquakes last week and face Toronto FC this Sunday.
On Chivas USA plays a Cuban forward, Maykel Galindo, who defected during the 2005 Gold Cup in Seattle.
Previously, Chivas USA also had on trial Lester Moré and Osvaldo Alonso, but they didn’t pass muster with Preki.
After Cuba surprised the US with a tie in the opening game of Olympic qualifying, seven players left the squad’s hotel to request political asylum from the U.S.
Bermúdez was the captain of the team.
Galindo hasn’t wanted to comment on the topic.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I wonder if it's really a matter of what Gullit thinks. Perhaps it's more a matter of what Lexi thinks, since he acts like the big cheese in that organization.

If the Galaxy signs any of these players, the club will have to let somebody go since the cap is so tight. My guess (and hope) is that Xavier hits the waiver wire, sooner rather than later.

RHdigitalYS said...

Cuba's former goalie is a G.

Anonymous said...

joseph --

alexi doesn't make any soccer related decisions. as i understand it, they will be able to use their remaining allocation money to acquire these guys. meaning, if they cut anyone it won't be to make space for the cubans.