Monday, April 14, 2008

Superclasico color

Sorry this is late but I've been away from my computer most of the day.

Chivas and America renewed their heated rivalry in Estadio Jalisco on Sunday. It was a memorable matchup as Chivas entered the weekend with the best record in the league while America held the worst record in Mexico.

Form held as Chivas won. But despite a 3-0 edge, America made things interesting by scoring a pair of late goals but eventually lost 3-2. It's just another great game in a history of great games in what is one of the best rivalries on this side of the planet.

Here are some highlights - not of the game but of the atmosphere and what the ambiance was in and around Estadio Jalisco.


tracer1150 said...

i suppose that last piece was more of the crap galaxy can expect from chivas fans? why do they always resort to violence...especially when they won... go figure. here's to a safe mls classico and here's to no dumb chivas fan throwing bottles in our direction.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you completely ignore the fact that the America fan started the actual physical altercation. And since in these types of situations there is no innocent party, it was most likely incited by some verbal insults toward an already pushed to the edge America fan.

I was at this game 2 nights ago and while passions, flared I personally did not see any fights before, during, or after the game nor did I ever feel at risk. Amazing the things you can accomplish when you keep to yourself and respect other humans.

As for the MLS Clasico, it's become customary for the drunk Galaxy fan to resort to long rants about immigration policy, landscaping, a small breed of dogs, and a popular fast food chain with a bell embedded in it's logo. This, along with alcohol and the Mexican bravado, you're gonna catch a punch in the face, or in this case a bottle thrown into a crowd.