Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On the job

Looks like Jesus Ramirez will stay on for a little longer than expected. Mexico's interim coach was only supposed to keep the seat warm until the Big Name was hired, and was going to lead Mexico through the two friendlies in June.

Now, Mexico officials say Ramirez might stay on through the first World Cup qualifiers, against Belize June 15 and 21.

Now, I know it's only Belize, and Mexico could throw all of the league's Mexican-born players' names in a hat, select 11 and still beat Belize handily, but doesn't it seem that the FMF is doing a poor job of handling the situation? I mean, it's not any tournament Mexico faces this summer - it's qualifying for the World Cup. And the FMF is willing to send its team into such vital games with quite a bit of instability.

A popular belief lately is that Jose Pekerman will assume the duties and while he still may if he were really on deck, wouldn't it make sense to bring him aboard for the qualifiers? Leaving Ramirez on the job leaves the door open to speculation: Can the FMF not find any interested parties? Are they going to wait until after Euro 2008 to nab a coach, perhaps Big Phil? Or is Ramirez the man, given that he would come cheaper than most others? Not that the FMF doesn't have money, but they did pour a lot of resources into Hugo Sanchez.

Regardless, it looks like Ramirez will lead Mexico for at least four more games: Argentina in San Diego on June 4, Peru in Chicago on June 8 and Belize twice, in Houston on June 15 and in Monterrey on June 21. Beyond that, it's anybody's guess who will pace the sidelines in future Tri games.


Anonymous said...

it saddens me to say this, but the mexican federation is really sloppy, arrogant to the extreme.

they thought the olympic qualifiers were going to be a walk in the park, with hugo coaching and all, the opposition was supposed to melt.

now they're thinking belize will be a breeze. maybe it will be, but us mexicans have a loooong history of choking... the gold cup, the olympic qualifiers, the china game should be all reminders of how quickly things can turn...

saludos, d

Chrisitan said...

I think it has more to do with the recent criticism coming from Europe aimed at the FMF officials who traveled over there to "speak" to Vasco Aguirre and Scolari because they're both still under contract and their bosses were not all that happy with the Mexican officials' visit.

It may also be a case where FMF officials are starting to realize that big name coaches may not get the job done solely based on their past reputation. Mexico and Mexican players are a different breed, they have a different mentality, some would say "conformist" so they really need a coach who can challenge them and bring out the best in them as people, not just players, and in that respect, Chucho is deffinitely the man.

I was very impressed with his work during the China game and so were all the experienced players on that particular team (Sanchez, Zinha, Ponce, etc) so I think that speaks volumes of his abilities as a coach.

Wait and see is the name of the game I guess.

John said...

I really have no issue with this. It makes sense to me that if the boys play two games with Chucho, they should play the games that count with him as well. It would be harder to adapt to a new coach, and if the games count, even moreso. Why have the added pressure? Besides, leaving Chucho at the helm will allow Mexico to get a coach who may have a contract expire at the end of the Euro. Scolari, Beenhaker, et al.

J. Ramirez said...

"Mexico could throw all of the league's Mexican-born players' names in a hat, select 11 and still beat Belize handily..."

Who leaked you my secret plan? Heads will roll!

Anonymous said...




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