Friday, April 18, 2008

Nose protector

I'm writing a feature on Claudio Suarez right now. He hasn't played yet this season, in part because of his father Vicente's passing and also because of fitness issues. He also busted his nose in training on Friday, something he said will require surgery after the season. I asked him about wearing a mask and he said doctors suggested it but he won't do it because its uncomfortable, and that he wore one once before, in Mexico because it was at the end of the season and close to the playoffs.

Anyone remember when that happened? I wanted to know not for the story but so I could try to find some pictures of him wearing a mask. I vaguely remember something with Tigres but I'm drawing blanks to dates and stuff.

I almost wanted to ask him if he'd wear like a Chiva mask and then the team could promote it as a giveaway. His nose is pretty crooked though. He definitely took a good knock on it.

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