Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No mask for Suarez

Claudio Suarez didn't play in Saturday's game in Columbus but it didn't really have much to do with a broken nose he suffered in training on Friday. Suarez is tough as nails, and not even his crooked nose will keep him from playing.

Lack of match fitness will, though. Anyway, here's audio of our chat after training on Wednesday. It's in Spanish, of course. But look out for a story on El Emperador later this week in English.


Anonymous said...

nice skillz in spanish there, luis. thanks for letting us hear the great suarez.

saludos, d

L.B. said...

Thanks. I'll make sure and post more Suarez stuff here. I usually don't because I'm not sure how many people either 1) understand Spanish enough to enjoy them and 2) care about what Suarez has to say. Thanks for the feedback.