Sunday, April 6, 2008

More reaction

This time in print form.

Chivas USA showed their depth in the win as several players made their home debuts in their 3-1 win over RSL. Two of them - Atiba Harris and Alecko Eskandarian - scored goals.

Meanwhile, RSL suffered yet another loss to Chivas USA at Home Depot Center, falling to 0-6-1 all-time there against Chivas. RSL coach Jason Kreis, though, said the result was misleading.

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East River said...

If Kreis could only coach his team in the 1st half the way he coached them in the second they may actually win a few games. Unfortunately Kreis should have been thought how to coach before becoming coach of that team. RSL want climb out of the MLS cellar until that org's management get a clue and start making smart and bold moves.I have absolutely know faith in them on that one. Thank the almighty I'm no fan of that team.