Thursday, April 3, 2008

More on Belize

Here's an AP story in English about Belize's intentions of hosting their World Cup qualifier in either Houston or Los Angeles. Apparently there is no stadium in Belize capable of hosting such a match.

As far as the possibility of there being a huge pro-Mexico crowd there, well, the story doesn't go into it. I'm guessing it could work out to Belize's advantage if they get a cut of the gate revenues. Maybe that's why they are so happy to seek a location such as Houston and Los Angeles.

Also, the Belize FA president said in the earlier story I linked that they were just happy to have reached this stage of qualifying.


Beto said...

I quote sidspaceman:

I think this game will happen in Houston. Reason being the USMNT is playing in LA that day, and I don't think the USSF wants to be embarrased when nobody shows up to the HDC

L.B. said...

I dont know that there is going to be a big crowd anyway.