Friday, April 18, 2008

Late injury update

Luis noted in a recent post that the injury status reports on the MLS team official pages often aren't updated and fans don't get the newest info. Well, the Galaxy press folk got me an update on their squad and I'm posting here to let our faithful readers know the latest.

Midfielder Alvaro Pires - QUESTIONABLE - No, not his age, though he looks older than his listed age of 24 (shades of Luis Tejada? Hmmmm).. Pires took a knock to the knee.
Goalkeeper Steve Cronin - QUESTIONABLE - Not talking about Steve's attitude between the pipes, but rather a recent groin issue.
Forward/Mid Ely Allen - OUT - Hammy prob. I forget which leg. I was on the phone while downing a cosmo at the Verdugo, so apologies that I didn't get all the details.

Joe Franchino, by the way, is due in to LA on a flight tomorrow. Healthwise, he's cleared to go for the Houston game; it's more a matter of will Ruud play a guy he's only seen on video? We shall see.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Andrew Boyens, a young central defender with potential (and, unlike Franklin, some MLS experience), gets released by Toronto and the Galaxy trades for a head case like Franchino?!?

That's what we call Alexi Lalas, "The Mad Genius."

CACuzcatlan said...

Not at all trying to celebrate an injury. I hope Cronin recovers soon. But hopefully Wicks will take over the starting spot. I think Cronin has been bad so far.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what [of any REAL value] did we trade for Franchino? We practically got him for free. Added an experienced player to our bench for nothing.

There's a million and one ways in which we can get that draft pick back before the actual draft.