Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Landon chat, part dos

Jose Arturo (Durango, Mexico): Would you like to play with Cuauhtemoc Blanco?

Landon Donovan: Yes, that would be great because he’s a very good player. I’ve seen that every time one plays with Cuauh, it’s better, it’s fun to watch him play.

El Paso, Texas: Landon, do you think Beckham is better than you?

Landon Donovan: Passing the ball, yes. That’s what he does so well. I’m faster up front and we’re different, but he’s a very good player.

Martin, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mex: Who do you think is the best coach in the U.S.?

Landon Donovan: For me it’s Bob Bradley, without a doubt. When he started he wasn’t didn’t know a lot about the work, but in the past year, he’s demonstrated that he knows what he’d doing and what he wants and for us he’s great.

Panamá, Panamá: What does the U.S. need to be World Champs? Do you need technical players like you or Damarcus Beasley or what’s missing for the team?

Landon Donovan: I relieve that we have good players now. We have players that attack well. What we need is experience versus good teams. When we play CONCACAF teams we do well, but we don’t versus good teams from Europe, Asia and África, because we don’t play them very often. But now we’re playing teams like Brazil, Poland, and Argentina in May and that will help us a lot.

Washington, DC: What position do you feel most confortable playing? Forward, mid, center, wing?

Landon Donovan: I think I need to play forward with the Galaxy. In our league, it’s difficult to score goals and I’m more effective as a forward.

Javier, México: You’re a good player. Why don’t you play in Europe and why do you not like the Mexicans? What do you think of Cuauhtemoc Blanco?

Landon Donovan: I don’t dislike the Mexican players, They’re nice and play with respect – some don’t, but the majority do. At this time, I think a lot about going to Europe. I love my life here, but one day I’d like to go back to Europe.


Daniel, Madera, California: Hello Landon. Do you think that MLS could grow to be one of the great leagues in the world – in maybe ten years?

Landon Donovan: It might be in ten years. It’s grown very well to this point, but we need better players, games with more pressure, because it’s not like Europe. We need more passion. In ten years, we should be a lot better.


Hector , Mexico: Mr. Donovan , in your opinión, who is the best Mexican player?

Landon Donovan: A this time, it’s Rafa Marquez, I think. He’s got experience that the young ones don’t have. He always plays with the desire to get better and that helps him improve.


Gustavo, Boston: The season has just started, but aside from the Galaxy, who do you see as the best team in MLS?

Landon Donovan: For me, it’s still Houston. They’ve won the championship the last two years, so it’s hard to pick anyone else.


brucio said...

to me, this is the big news of the entire Q & A:

"I think a lot about going to Europe. I love my life here, but one day I’d like to go back to Europe."

brucio said...

thanks for doing the translation andrea!

just another one of you said...

Definitely agree with Brucio regarding the most important part. Who would really want to play for the Galaxy right now?

It would be nice to have a round table discussion on Rafa between Landon and Conrad.

Soledad said...

Just a thought, but maybe that "one day" should be now, like, immediately. Like, while he's in his prime.

I mean, I have total respect for the decisions he's made with his career, but ... I'm just sayin'. NOW.

Anonymous said...

I think Donovan will leave at the end of this season - or at the latest, during the summer transfer of the 2009 season. 2009 is when his contract runs out...and I don't see MLS letting him go on a free transfer, but I also don't see the Galaxy (given what they want from their DPs - namely, publicity and shirt sales) re-signing him for DP type money.