Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Landon chat, final section

Alberto, Los Angeles: Which player, other than you and Beckham, has the most expectations put on his shoulders and why?

Landon Donovan: Maybe Fish. He’s suffered an injury and he won’t play for a while, but when he returns there will be pressure on him. There is on all of us, because for two years we’ve missed the playoffs.

Pedro Garcia, Caracas:Which foreign player in MLS has impressed you the most in the past two seasons?
Landon Donovan: In the last year, it was Juan Pablo Angel. What a player! Christian Gomez, too, and one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Juan Toja in Dallas. He might be the best of the young players.


Antonio Castillo, Caracas: Hi Landon, how are you? Have you played in Venezuela ever? What do you think of the team? What is life like for a soccer player in the U.S.? Is it like Alex Rodriguez or Kobe Bryant? Do you have fans in the streets asking for photos or autographs or is it more calm than that? Thanks, champ, and good luck!

Landon Donovan: I’ve only seen Venezuela at the Copa America. They’re a good team. It’s very difficult in their region, because they’ve also got Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Ecuador, and tose are tough teams. We’re not as famous as Alex or Kobe or LeBron. Our lives are more tranquil, because the sports isn’t as popular as others in the U.S.

Marcos, Cd. Mexico: In Mexico we hate you with all our hearts, more than even Ricardo Lavolpe. What do you think of that?

Landon Donovan: It doesn’t matter if people hate me. For me, that’s not important, though I don’t like if people say bad things. I want there to be respect, because I really respect the Mexican people. When I was young I had and still today have a lot of Mexican friends.


Geovany , San Diego: Do you think that a San Jose team, where you played once, and the upcoming team in Seattle will have a big rivalry? What do you think of a team in San Diego? The San Diego Surfers.

Landon Donovan: Sure, it will create a great rivalry in the league and for the Galaxy. I’ve always expected a team in San Diego, because it’s a beautiful city, with great people and a loto f latinos that love soccer. In the past we had the all-Star game there, but not a lot of people came. Perhaps they weren’t ready for soccer then.

Sergio, NY:What do you think of the dismissal of Hugo Sanchez? Does it prove the U.S. is better because they believe in continuity?
Landon Donovan: It doesn’t worry me, I don’t think it’s important for us. I don’t pick the coach, but for me, it’s tough in some games when the team doesn’t play well and others blame the weather. But that’s soccer, that’s normal.

Hugo, Caracas, Venezuela: What’s your impresiĆ³n of your new coach Rudd Gullit? Did you admire him as a kid? He used to be famous like Beckham for his hair – is Gullit planning to use Holland’s style?
Landon Donovan: When I was young I watched his games. He was a very good player. For us, he’s good, we work a lot with him, he asks a lot of us, and that’s good because we need a coach that has experience with good players and good teams and that’s perfect.


Berto, San Francisco: What’s it like to play alongside Beckham?

Landon Donovan: It’s great, it’s a dream. I’m the type that needs good passes, crosses and I play better when I have a player like that alongside of me. He helps a lot and makes me a better player. Last year, he was a little shy because he wasn’t playing. He was injured. He hates it when he can’t play. This year he is better and the season should be better.

Landon Donovan: Thanks for your questions and thanks for supporting the Galaxy. We’ll see you soon!


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Muchas Gracias for the translation :)


Soledad said...

Marcos in Mexico needs to have his internet privileges taken away for that exceptionally useless question.

And Berto gets no points for originality.

Of course, I would have asked about his third favorite color.