Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In their hearts

Hugo Sanchez may not be thought of too fondly by many Mexican supporters but Madrid supporters still hold him in high regard.

Sanchez was named in the top ten best Real Madrid players of all time, as voted on by Real Madrid fans. Sanchez nabbed the 10th spot on the list.

Here's the list:

Alfredo Di Stefano
Zinedine Zidane
Roberto Carlos
Santiago Bernabéu
Iker Casillas
Fernando Hierro
Emilio Butragueño
Ferenc Puskas
Hugo Sanchez

Sanchez, of course, was fired as Mexican national team coach a few weeks back.


Anonymous said...

indeed, real madrid fans do hold ego in high regard as a player -- just like mexicans do. that would quickly change if ego ever got to the point of coaching real madrid.

frankly, i don't see the big deal about this list. so what?

ego did run the national team into the ground, no one can question that. he is and will always be remebered as a great striker, but a royal failure as a coach, a terribly misguided soul, drunk with his own myth.

having said that, i love your blog, the work you two guys do here is amazing.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

That is quite hallowed company Hugo has on that list.

He may have an oversized ego and was a horrible coach but no one can deny that he was a magnificent player.

soyjimador said...

amancio got snubbed!

Edward said...

Where's Beckham? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why is Zidane No. 2?

The fact that Zidane, Raul and Roberto Carlos are No. 2, 3 and 4 shows that some of the people that voted are people that had no business voting.

I'm not saying they are not top 10 worthy, but Buitre and Sanchez probably deserve to be higher on the list.

soyjimador said...


having lived in madrid during zidane's stay, i can honestly say that the guy made a LASTING impression.

just take a look at his farewell game @ the bernabeu against villarreal. every player had a zidane commoration jersey, fans held up "merci" signs. who else gets this treatment w/ only 5 years ?

its not like he had a quiet stay there, either:
- champions league winners
- player of the year honors
- uefa and spanish super cups

imo, greatest of all time.

soyjimador said...


better view of the "merci" signs.

Anonymous said...

No Ronaldo? No Fernando Redondo?

The Hammer said...

How sad that Hugo gets more praise in Spain than he does in Mexico. Contrary to what d said, Hugo gets nowhere near this kind of recognition in Mexico.

He's often criticized and attacked for no apparent reason [all before he became coach of the national team].

Good on him though, he was a magnificent player, and quite frankly he wasn't given enough time as a coach. He started with losing records with UNAM but ended up bringing them back to back league titles.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see ego coach the usnmt... i'll give you that much. that would really be something to see, no doubt.

saludos, d