Sunday, April 13, 2008

Galaxy/TFC Jogging blog

Hi folks!

It's not going to be too much of a running blog this time around, mainly because I have a game article due this time, so I can't focus much on the blog. Since it's on television anyway, feel free to post your own observations and thoughts in the comments. I'll chime in when I can.

Galaxy starting line-up: Same as last game. Ok, fine, here it is - LA - Cronie, Chris, Sean, Vanney, Mike, Becks, Alvaro, McDaddy, Ely, LD, Gordy

Yeah, the players complain about performing in the heat, but what about the sportswriters. There's so much sunshine in the press box that I'm having trouble seeing my screen. Will no one think of the writers? On the plus side, there's coffee in the press box again. This is actually very important.
MLS anthem plays.
Game time trivia - which three players on the field right now played club soccer together?


East River said...

BOY Cronin making TFC look real good. I guess the Beckham shine has worn off. There are so many empty seats it looks like a Chivas USA game:-)!! I hope Becks is ready for a couple of years of half empty stadiums. People talk about not being willing to go to MLS games during the winter but they fail to note all the games with empty seats during warm weather months.

Edson Buddle is a sad option off the bench.

RHdigitalYS said...

Maurice Edu, Mike Randolph, and...?

This is a hard one.

Anonymous said...

Sad Sunday. Cronin looks like a number two and Vanney plays like number two. How many times did he get smoked today? he was over the hill with Dallas! Between the missed goals and the anemic defense, I can understand why all those seats are empty! Hey Becks, how about asking your wife to donate some of her old clothes to the Goodwill in exchange for Ty Harden? I guess you get what you pay for/or don't: Cannon,Albright,ect.

--Pissed Gal Fan

CACuzcatlan said...

Vanney plays like number 2? You're giving him too much credit. He was crap today. I think its about time to try our other keeper. I've had enough of Cronin. And we got really lucky on that no-call Beckham foul. He should have been red carded.

The Hammer said...

That game went to hell as soon as Pete Vagenas came on.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a lot of these 3-2, 4-3, etc. losses for the Galaxy this year.

Matt L said...

Galaxy are struggling. Defense looks clueless. Cronin gives me no confidence. He never claims a cross. Besides Landon, no other attacking player is capable of getting on the end of Beckham's balls.

Ruiz would have helped, as he can finish. I don't know if Xavier is a solution in the back or if Ruud should go with J. Valentine. As for the keeper, need to think hard about picking someone, anyone up.

Who really is in charge of creating this team? Lalas? If so, he is complete trash. Who has he churned through since he's been in charge? Surely the team, safe for Beckham, was better before he arrived.


RHdigitalYS said...

I don't think the Beckham foul merited a card or even a call. Minimal contact led to an outright dive. Ruiz would have been proud to call a fall like that his own.

Hopefully Wicks will get some burn soon, he was pretty dominant in USL for the Timbers. Cronin has talent; it's all mental with him it seems.

A.C. said...

Rhdigitalys, you're almost there, only missing one player.

RHdigitalYS said...

Marvell Wynne then. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was an ODP team (does that count?).

I know Wynne and Edu weren't both on Pateadores.