Saturday, April 26, 2008

Galaxy guess again

Who said it?

"To be honest, and that’s the reality of it, David Beckham is who he is. We all know that there’s going to be some considerations for everything that comes with that and who he is."

"It’s a little bit odd, I must say [two teams sharing a stadium]. It’s odd – same training pitch and everything. We don’t see each other much, but it is a little strange."

"I look forward to building on the second half of the last game, especially with the competitive game coming up."

"It’s got nothing to do with the last game. We’ve talked and joked, because we work at the same place. There’s no anger towards each other, but you never know. You could clash on the same play, you could clash with any of the other players. That’s the way it is."


starinyourfire said...

Chris Klein

pete veganas

Alan Gordon

Edson Buddle

Mike Randolph

i would say jazic but he's not playing.

starinyourfire said...

scratch out pete i just remembered he's said some mean things about chivas usa

A.C. said...

Good guesses, but they're all off. Here's a hint - at least one of the quotes was said by a Galaxy coach.

starinyourfire said...

cobi jones i would assume

if not him trevor james

A.C. said...

You're right, but you need to pick which quote is Cobi's.

starinyourfire said...

either 1 and 4 sound like cobi, i read them and i hear his voice.

2nd quote sounds like ruud but i could be wrong(probably too. haha)

A.C. said...

Actually, you're right. 1 = Cobi, 2 = Ruud.