Thursday, April 3, 2008

DP Thursday

Two Designated Players will be in action on Thursday night. In the first DP game, Cuauhtemoc Blanco's Chicago Fire will host DP-less New England while David Beckham's Galaxy will host also DP-less San Jose in the second match. Beckham is also joined by off-the-books DP Landon Donovan, so call it a triumvirate of DPs if you will.

Anyway, regarding the two highest-profile DPs,'s Mark Bechtel talks about the two in this story. His conclusion about Blanco being the better of the DP is one I share.


Adam said...

While Blanco may be the better on field DP, Becks is unmatched in money making on and off the filed. Lets face it, AEG and the Galaxy didnt go after Beckham for his skill. There are dozens of younger better players they could have gone after. It was all about marketing and money.
Although I hate Blanco, he works magic on the field. Great pass, free kicks and strait up goal scoring shots. However, he's not so big in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and so on compared with Golden Balls.

papa bear said...

not saying this just because I'm a Fire fan, but on the field, Blanco is by far the best DP signing so far.
You could make a case for Angel, but Blanco also actually bumps attendance around the league in a way Angel simply doesn't.
I just can't wait 'til Henry is in the league. One of my favorite players.