Wednesday, April 9, 2008

China dolls

The USWNT was triumphant over Costa Rica, so the team will compete in the Olympics with the along with the already-qualified men's team. Natasha Kai, another player I thought should have seen more playing time in the Women's World Cup, scored twice.


Coach said...

Congrats to US & Canada!


Anonymous said...


Are you questioning Coach Ryan's judgement?

His personnel selection?

His team management?

His only mistake, I thought, was to wait so long to put me in.

From the outside looking in, I remain ...

Yours truly,


ghostwriter said...


Congrats to your ladies. See you in Bejing.

Couple of "observations":

First,it seems to me Pia is really good at making halftime adjustments. Seen her charges make effective second half adjustments in style or system against several opponents now.

And second, I've been very impressed with Tobin Heath now most every time she's played. She seems more of a one v. one handfull than anybody since Mia....and she's what? 19? Star in the making I think.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Tobin. It's refreshing to see a US woman taking on people again.

Impedient said...

Definitely Kai is getting in more goals now since her return for the qualifying rounds for the Olympics. She's getting back and better!

Coach said...


But at the same time ...



Great Final!

Congrats US of A ...

Yes Ghost, see you in Beijing! Final again maybe? lol