Friday, April 4, 2008

Becks presses the press

He looks nice, doesn't he? Unfortunately, the suit meant that we had to wait a long time for the press conference. I wanted to talk to the SJ players - but I couldn't risk missing the Beckham presser on the night he scored his first MLS goal. Sure enough, the Earthquakes were gone by the time David was done speaking.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Since Galaxy media relations reads this site, let me make the following comments:

I understand why you hold Beckham toward the end. If you introduce him earlier, you're concerned that reporters will leave once he's gone and they won't want to interview anybody else you bring to the dias.

OTOH, reporters have very strict deadlines which they must meet under any and all circumstances. Why do you think the L.A. Times, which is the newspaper in Beckham's home market, had no comments from him? Because by the time the reporter had to return to his seat in the press box, he would have had a difficult time making deadline. As you know, the physical logisitics for reporters at HDC are rather difficult to navigate.

I also understand Beckham's desire to make a good impression, and his meticulous nature. Nevertheless, would he be so embarassed if he came to a press conference in a team shell suit? Would it be so much of a strain to make the post-game press conferences more efficient so reporters can get what they want and file w/in a reasonable time? Has last year taught you nothing?

Ian Thomson said...

Why do the press hang around to hear what Beckham has to say?

Surely they are capable of writing his tired cliches well in advance of him appearing?

A.C. said...

A lot of the writers, me included, are under strict orders from editors to write Becks-focused pieces that use quotes from him.