Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Symposium on tap

Tomorrow, I will be out at the annual Soccer Symposium. This event is usually pretty interesting as the speakers typically have some good things to say.

Here's the three speakers slated to talk tomorrow and their topics.

- U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley: The New Generation of U.S. Soccer and His Approach to Making the Most Competitive U.S. National Team.

- Mexican Soccer Federation general secretary Decio de Maria: The Internationalization of Mexican Football: Present and Future.

- Los Angeles Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas: The Impact of David Beckham on Soccer in the MLS; the State of the League Before and After His Arrival.

In years past, I've had the ability to connect to the internet while the speakers have been discussing their topics so I anticipate having the same ability tomorrow. I'll make sure and post anything newsworthy here.

Another interesting side note: when Bradley was in charge of Chivas USA, I talked to him once about his firing in 2005. Bradley was in charge of the MetroStars then and Alexi Lalas was the club's general manager then. Lalas fired Bradley with a few games left in the regular season.

I asked Bradley about Lalas and he didn't really answer the question so I rephrased it and he just looked at me and said: "That decision will never sit well with me." He and Lalas weren't exactly chummy last year while working in the same building, not at all. I don't know how their relationship has changed now that Bradley is in charge of the national team, but I can't imagine the two are hanging out much these days.


El Chueco said...

I'd be curious to hear from Decio if the "internationalization of Mexican soccer" involves more than playing meaningless money-making friendlies in the U.S. at the hands of SUM...

Carles said...

This is more exciting than an Apple Keynote speech.
Can't wait for live blogging.