Friday, October 19, 2007

A darker blue

Joe Cannon has been wearing his dark blue goalkeeper's shirt during the Galaxy's win streak, but he wasn't allowed to wear it against New York, because they were wearing dark blue field uniforms.

So he wore the lighter blue instead.

The Galaxy failed to win.

He'll probably wear the dark blue on Sunday.


Coop said...

Why do the RED Bulls wear blue on the road? It makes absolutely no sense.

MattJack said...

At least we didnt lose. I think if he wore a different color all together the dice would have rolled the wrong way. Now we have to hope that RSL can magically pull off at least a tie.

CACuzcatlan said...

I'll be cheering 2 Becks this weekend, Beckham and Beckerman

Anonymous said...

I'd kinda like RSL to lose to Colorado, Kansas City to lose to Dallas, and Galaxy to win versus Chicago.

That would leave Colorado as the 4th team in the West and Galaxy would slide over to the east.

Why? That way, no matter what, Galaxy would not play Chivas USA. This is good for a number of reasons -- watching them play in an empty stadium is always a good one.

More importantly though, if they were to get Galaxy it would give them legitimacy. Don't know if you've catched on or not, but Chivas USA fans rate their team by their perceptions of the opponent.

They'll show up for Club America, they'll show up for Galaxy, they'll show up for Blanco + the Fire.

If they get 2 games against Galaxy, even if they lose, Chivas USA supporters will rally round the flag just to be pricks. Predictably, if they DO lose to Galaxy in the playoffs, they'll be crying conspiracy and talking about how Galaxy paid the refs, etc. etc. etc.

I'd rather see that team die a slow and lonely death. Just them, and the 6,000 people that show up, and the announced attendance of 13,683.

JT (Chicago) said...

Thanks for the tip AC.
We'll have to be sure we get to the locker room Sunday and force him to wear a green or yellow shirt!

Come on RSL and Dallas!

My Opinion Over Yours said...

I heard Chicago is wearing a commorative blue jersey for the final game.