Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wishing and hoping

And thinking, and praying

Some Galaxy players, fans and coaches might be cultivating ulcers watching games on Saturday.

Frank Yallop

I’ll be watching the internet or the games, definitely watching them live. They are a bit nerve-wracking. Sometimes it’s not good to watch them but you have to watch them, because that’s what it is. We’ll be watching and hoping that there are some good results for us and that we can really look forward to Sunday.

Ante Jazic
I probably won’t watch. We’ll be in our hotel or something, and I’lll probably go for a walk. I don’t really want to watch those kind of matches.

Landon Donovan

We watched last week. We said we weren’t going to watch last week, but you’re sitting in your room and you have to watch, so I guess we’ll probably watch. It is nerve-wracking. It takes a lot out of you.


JT (Chicago) said...

They'll probably have to watch the matches on the interent. Or, if they just want to watch the Rapids v RSL, they can go to the Globe Pub where that match will be shown (along with the Houston v Chivas match).

Back in '99 when the US played Germany in the Confederations Cup, I went to a pub to watch the match but they had a reception problem. So, a bunch of folks decided to head to another pub about 4 miles away. Some out of towners were looking for a cab so I offered to pile them into my official soccer dad/coach minivan. As it turned out, they were members of the Galaxy. The only one I recognized was Hartman.

So, if Becks, and the boys are staying near O'Hare and need a ride to the Globe, have them give me call & I'll run them down there.

JT (Chicago) said...

All to play for now!

KC won - Colorado lost.

Both LA and the Fire need results to get through.

Fire needs a draw. Galaxy needs the win.

Toyota Park will be rockin'.