Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heads up

Hi all, I'm not in Chicago, but I'll be watching the game on TeleFutura and doing a running blog here. Hopefully Jaime Cardenas, who is in the Windy City, will chime in with a few comments.

I thought it would be fun to run a contest for the game, so I've decided to announce another giveaway.

The prize is this Galaxy lunchbox, (shipping charges do apply, sorry, overseas fans).
The winner will be the person who correctly guesses the final score of the Chicago/Galaxy game, including who scores the goals. If there are duplicate correct answers, the first one with the right prediction in the comments is the winner. They're time-stamped, so that will be the decider.

I realize non-Galaxy fans probably don't want the lunchbox, but I don't have a lot of other stuff from different teams to give away. We might have a Chivas USA contest soon, though, so keep checking back for that one.

Only one entry per person, please. Everyone is eligible (our last giveaway was won by adam), so send your guesses in.


A said...

1-0, Barrett.

E. Charles Blanco said...


Blanco and Rolfe
Donovan (PK) and Glinton

Longshoe said...

1-1, Donovan (PK), Blanco

Michael said...

Chicago 2-0 LA


Cobifan said...

3-1 Galaxy
Glinton - Donovan - Jones
Blanco goal and - Red Card 53 minute ;-)

adam said...

LA 2-1 CHI

randolph, cobi, wanchope

if my prediction is correct, I should be declared the new jesus.

A.C. said...

a almost won, but I guess not. I keep my lunch box, I suppose.

Maybe I should run a contest to have people guess who will be the players let go from the Galaxy in the offseason.