Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Facing facts

So I tried this Facebook deal. Some of the Chivas USA players were talking about Facebook and I felt all old since I didn't know what it was all about so I tried it and created an account and all that. Well, I nearly forgot about it until I got a couple of friends trying to add me. So I figured I'd beef it up so it doesn't look so pathetic.

If you want to add me, go for it. You can search for me. I'm the one with the Inland Empire, CA network. And if you can give me some tips on how to not make it look so lousy, I'd appreciate it.


JT (Chicago) said...

Don't bother LB. Facebook is for the youngsters, our daughters. Well my daughter and yours in a few years. It's for the under 30s.

You can get away with MySpace if you are over 35 and in music or film industry, the arts or a writer, otherwise it just doesn't work.

It's a young people's game LB and you're getting closer to our viejito side of things. Sad but true.

Samantha said...

There isn't much you can do to jazz up a facebook page and, honestly, less is more on there. It's not like myspace that way. You can add applications where you kill vampires and grow pants, but I mean, come on now.

1916home.net said...

Facebook is actually better for older people. Facebook isnt really about adding pretty things all over your page, its a way to link up with HS school friends, college buddies, etc. Im 33 and have yet to find any of my grammar school friends - yah, 8 years glued to them :) But did end up finding a couple friends from my email list and through them a couple long lost friends. Its more professional and geeky than Myspace is, so with that, I think its more for the older crowd as well. On Facebook its not about how many friends you have, its about the real ones.

blahblah said...

I sent a request to you. I'm assuming you are the picture with the plant? Well, I hope I found the right Luis. Oh and I'm 33 but I dig it because I can update my "status" whenever but I'm easily entertained. I've been trying to do the whole thing in Spanish lately so please don't laugh outright at my awful espanol. I've only had a few weeks so far.