Sunday, October 21, 2007

On edge

I can't remember the last time I was literally on the edge of my seat for 90 minutes during a regular-season MLS game as I was today during Galaxy-Fire. There was so much drama and so many big plays throughout the match. I kept expecting the Galaxy to score. It kinda had a feel to it, like the one team has 95 percent of the chances but either gets stoned by the goalie or misses wide-open shots and then the other team just gets a goal from out of nowhere. It happens and I thought it would happen today.

I remember during the first half telling my wife that a lot of MLS players lack touch, that you don't see players able to chip the goalie with a soft touch too often. I think I told her that when Wilman Conde took a shot right at Joe Cannon in the second half. To his defense, I told her that Conde wasn't a forward but still.

So of course the game-winner was exactly on the kind of shot you don't see too often in MLS as John Thorrington hit a soft shot over Cannon on a late breakaway.

Credit to Chicago for turning around their season and getting into the playoffs. Sucks for DC United that they get Blanco and Co. in the first round but that's the MLS playoffs for you.

As for my prognosticating skills, I think I'll keep my yap shut from now on. My kisses are deadly these days. Well, actually, I am writing the MLS playoff preview for so I guess I'll have to pick someone. Crap.

Any requests? Should I pick DC to win both the Shield and the Cup? Or should I pick Houston to repeat? Or anyone else?


Anonymous said...

if you are the kiss of death, pick an easy one like KC.

JT (Chicago) said...

Here's what you do, pick DC in the first round, NE or Red Bulls in the 2nd Round, and any west team in the Final.

Just don't ever, ever, pick the Fire. Thanks LB