Saturday, October 20, 2007

CHV-HOU running blog

I probably won't have time to blog the whole match, but here goes some.

Notes: This match will decide who finishes atop the Western conference and wins home field advantage for the playoffs.

Dylan Hernandez, who covered the San Jose Earthquakes for years, is in the house - the stands, that is, not the press box. He's a baseball writer for the LA Times now, but I'm guessing he still has a soft spot for Dom and his boys.

Houston must win to take finish first in the West. Chivas USA only needs to tie.

Laurent Merlin won the battle to start for the injured Ante Razov. He was my pick on that count all along - he's just more polished on the field than John Cunliffe, usually.

Joe Ngwenya and Brian Ching are up front for Houston.

I've been distracted from the match entirely by the conversation about possible playoff scenarios. The sure thing is that if Chivas USA loses tonight, they're playing FC Dallas. If they win, there are still numerous possibilities to be settled on Sunday, depending on the result of the Colorado game.

Oh, and Jesse Marsch is out due to a right groin strain.

13 - Galindo with a good run to get into the box, but the Houston defense shuts him down before he can get a shot off.

15. Houston is carrying more of the possession, but Chivas USA has looked more dangerous on their counter opportunities.

* Sorry everyone - I had computer problems and couldn't keep up the blog at all. Apologies.


Jaime Cárdenas said...

Since I don't have access to FSC or FSE, I'll be checking in on your blog for updates.

My prediction, 0-0 draw.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

If Colorado fails to win, a tie doesn't due anything for them, then Chivas will play either Chicago or Galaxy.

If they beat or tie Houston, of course.

They would play Galaxy if they win or they would play Chicago if the Fire ties or...wait.

If the Fire win the they would overtake KC for the 4th seed in the east which would mean KC vs Chivas...???


Is that Colorado-RSL game over yet?

Anonymous said...

Ok, as it looks like Colorado has lost to RSL, can you confirm that if the Galaxy win tomorrow then they're in the playoffs? Tomorrow's game is going to be sweet!

East River said...

I'm following the english audio on, the Houston commentator is doing a pretty decent job at Play by play. I was hoping someone would post a sopcast link on bigsoccer, but no luck. Sounds like a pretty open game so far.

Rapids lost, so Galaxy still have a chance to clinch the last playoff spot if they win tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Screw Chivas!!!


East River said...

Larson Vaughn has been red carded on what Houston audio guy describe as not that bad of a challenge. That red hurts more then just the rest of the game as he will be suspended for 1 or 2 playoff games b/c of that straight red.

Got to love Brian Hall!

East River said...

Sorry, Hall is not the ref, but instead Baldomero Toledo is the ref for the game.

FC Uptown said...

FCD layed down like an old dog tonight for KC. Pathetic display.

JT (Chicago) said...

Prediction held up. Well done.

Quite the feisty draw, especially after the final whistle.

JT (Chicago) said...

Should be interesting first round for Preki. They'll could get the Fire, KC, or Galaxy.