Saturday, October 20, 2007

Llew the legend

Llew Llewellyn doesn't go to post-game press conferences with just a recorder. He often totes a little rolling case with all his media supplies, usually because he leaves for home after interviews instead of returning to the press box to file stories.

I've been saved more than once by Llew when I've discovered too late that I forgot to change the batteries in my recorder. He always has a spare set.

To thank him, I try to bring any commemerative soccer pins I come across back to Llew - who collects them. I brought him one from the World Cup, for example.

It may be that I'll soon be working games in LA without my safety net. As Cobi Jones descended the podium after the press conference following what will likely be his final regular season game, Llew mentioned that he's also probably worked his final Galaxy game.

He's got a trip around the world that he's put off for some time, not to mention book and music projects he's been waiting to tackle.

All the best wishes to one of the best.

Thanks, Llew.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss Llew. I love to read his stuff over at AmericanSoccerNews.