Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not so peor

What was that about Guatepeor? Guatemala was better than Mexico for one night. It was Guatemala's first win over Mexico since 1969, a bit before my time.

Match reports from Jaime Cardenas of the LA Times, Ivan Orozco of the Daily News and yours truly for the Press-Enterprise.

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Anonymous said...

Giving credit where credit is due, and attempting to make my point without sounding like the typical Chivas fan who says "oh well, we're still better than you no matter what the scoreboard says" I'm going to say that Ferreti's point still stands.

Mexico got NOTHING out of this game. The refereeing was bad, the pitch was bad, and the levels of interest and intensity were obviously on two different pages. Mexico played with a sense of relaxation and disinterest while Guatemala came to win, and win they did.

Because of the way Central Americans play versus Mexico, these games end up being counterproductive. Can you imagine if one of Mexico's players had been injured? In a "meaningless" game that obviously means so much to the opposition. No excuses for the team, who should show up for the games they've scheduled. Having said that, this one falls on FMF, for scheduling pointless games like this. Everybody knew it would amount to nothing, and amount to nothing it did.