Sunday, October 21, 2007

All that's left

The Galaxy's season ended in September and then all of the sudden found new life before it finally died when John Thorrington scored in stoppage time today.

But there were some highlights during this season. Here are the top 10 goals for the 2007 LA Galaxy.

By the way, major props to Climbing the Ladder for compiling these videos on each MLS team.


Carles said...

I only watched every post-Beckham game, but I think my two favourite goals of the season were.

1. Chris Klein bicycle kick
2. Beckham's first goal.

But I guess those were Super Liga.
God Bless Sideline Views

Edward said...

Man, sweet passing sequence on the last goal. If they played like that all season, who knows what might have been.

My Opinion Over Yours said...

I didn't even realize there were 10 goals to pick from this year.