Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Forwards out

Preki ruled out Ante Razov for Saturday, which was expected.

But many are wondering whether Maykel Galindo will see playing time or not. LA Times writer Jaime Cardenas says not to hold your breath.

Galindo told us yesterday that he has a sports hernia, which is far more serious than an abdominal strain. We're waiting to hear from team trainers about some specifics regarding the injury and whether one led to the other or not and the like and once we do, I'll let you guys know.

I don't think Chivas is done, though, even if Galindo doesn't play. I would be more skeptical of their chances if Houston and DC United hadn't also lost 1-0. In fact, the four higher seeds combined for zero goals. I think Chivas was going for the draw and would have been content with that result but were also aware that a one-goal loss wasn't going to kill them. Preki disputed that, though. He said they never go for draws but I don't necessarily buy that.

Preki also said he wouldn't rule out starting Jonathan Bornstein at forward. If that happens, that would be an act of desperation. There are essentially three players to fill the two forward spots: John Cunliffe, Laurent Merlin and Ramon Nunez. Starting Bornstein there would be a bit of a no-confidence vote on that trio. More likely would be another 4-5-1 with a healthy Orlando Perez at left back, a midfield line of Bornstein-Mendoza-Marsch-Nagamura-Kljestan and Merlin up top.


blahblah said...

No more 4-5-1's. I'd rather take my chances with Merlin and Cunliffe or Nunez up front again. This game will require many beers to get through.

Anonymous said...

Bornstein played forward all his life until he met bob Bradley.

We need to win, not worry about Hope Solo (Ooops) I mean Cunlife, Merlin, and Nunez.

What about Sueno?

Jaime Cárdenas said...

Yes! A Sueño reference!

I would totally start Flores and Bornstein up top, that's just me, though. But, to be honest, there is a reason I don't get paid to make the decisions and I just simply write about what happens. Now what I mean?