Friday, October 26, 2007

Garber gabs

...with readers via Jonah Freedman.

Interesting info in that Q&A. He downplays the talk of expanding the DPs from one per team to two per team, which is the a good move in my opinion. He also talks about the US Open Cup and taking summer breaks when important tournaments are going on and how weather plays a role.

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East River said...

This sounds like the same old BS to me. Of course MLS fans can not prove they are willing to come out in bad weather half the fan base is soccer moms who don't want little Johnny out in cool air or blazing sun. Weather doesn't explain half empty stadiums in Chicago, Columbus, or Dallas in June or August.

The field tuff, it seems the soccer powers that be are determine to shove this down our throats. It will take fans voting with their wallets and the potential DPs voting by not signing with the league or playing on those surfaces to get them to change their minds. MLS will never taking seriously as a high quality league if it insist on turf despite player injuries and fan complaints.