Saturday, October 27, 2007

NY and NE rb

Here we go, here we go! With the pregame show, that is. It's almost over, though. Reyna's on the field.

10 - Sorry, connection problems. Red Bull is playing well but the game is scoreless.
15 - Lots of balls going over the top - not a great-looking game. I could be biased because of the NFL lines.
16 - Altidore with a shot - hits the crossbar. Well done.
21 - Juan Pablo Angel with a shot - way over the top.
26 - Dane Richards and Francis Doe causing New England's defenders all sorts of problems. Altidore can't quite get turned in the box versus two defenders.
28 - Corner kick for NE, earned by Ralston and taken by Ralson. Cleared out.
29 - Nice cross comes to Angel, but his header goes off target. Good chance.
31 - New England is gaining more ground on their counter chances.
32 - Freeman takes a hard outside shot, but Reis hangs on to the ball. Good thing, because Jozy was right there for the rebound.
37 - Red Bulls still pressuring, but still coming up empty. Freekick chance way in the corner now, earned by Reyna. NE clears.
39 -Wells Thompson is a scrapper. He could get carded out of this game, or make a real difference.
42 - Ralston's crosses are quality. Nothing came from that one, though.
44 - Van den Burgh has nice crosses as well, Angel gets on the end of that one, but fouls in the process.
45 - Last chance on a freekick for New York doesn't work out. Good soccer for the Red Bulls, but the scoreboard doesn't reflect that.

2nd half
46 Red Bulls keep their energy up. They're working hard for a goal.
47 - New England looks a little flabbergasted at the work rate of the Red Bulls, but they're managing to hold them off.
50 - The last pass is just missing for New York. They're coming close, but that doesn't count in soccer.
54 - Semi-scrap between Pat Noonan and Angel. The scrum looked intense for a bit, but no punches thrown and no cards given.
57 - NE looking dangerous on their last couple of attack. It's New York's turn to defend desperately.
60 - Shalrie with a hard outside shot - just wide.
62 - Angel with some tricky moves in the box - New York fans boo, wanting a penalty kick, but nothing doing.
63 - New York with an attacking wave, but NE fights it back.
65 - NE looked like it had a great advance going, but Francis Doe got the ball back, then Heaps saved a possible goal by getting to a cross first on the other end.
66 - Twelman in the box, but can't get a shot off. New York a bit lucky there - the ball bounced their way.
68 - Sinisa Ubiparipovic comes in for Francis Doe. That's a bit surprising. I thought Doe had been really active.
71 - Red Bulls have regained the majority of the control, putting pressure on NE again.
72- CK for NE - then another. Ralston takes, cleared.
74 - Michael Parkhurst gets his first card of the year taking down Jozy on the breakaway. Free kick comes to nothing, but New York is pushing hard again.
77 - Time is running out for New York in a game they have dominated but not delivered on the goals.
78 - Chris Leitch on for Van den Burgh.
80 - NE with a nice passing sequence - a draw would be fine for them. They're not giving up on the win, but they're certainly not pushing as hard for it.
83 - Joseph is playing so well for NE - they did well to extend his contract.
85 - Jeff Parke gets a yellow for dissent, apparently. Seth Stammler barely saves a goal from Twellman. Heaps with a forearm to the head of Altidore. Then he's taken down at the top of the box, but the ref plays advantage, even though he gives a yellow leter on.
87 - Clint Mathis on for Reyna, while NE has yet to make a sub. Oh, no - Adam Cristman on for Pat Noonan.
89 - Angel nearly made a flick behind the defense, work, but Parkhurst clears.
90 - James Riley on for Wells Thompson. Cristman and Twellman combine well to keep the ball in New York's end. What looks like a handball turns into a foul for Dane Richards. Coach Bruce Arena is furious, but the replay shows it was the right call. Perhaps not so on the next call, which looked like a New York corner denied. Just the story of the match for Red Bull.


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