Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cobi farewell

Cobi Jones has been a big part of US soccer, but on the national team and in MLS. Tonight might be his final home game in a Galaxy uniform. He's still effective and has even talked about un-retiring recently but it's time for him to go out. He's still got game left and as the saying goes it's better to leave the game then have the game leave you.

Billy Witz of the Daily News and Grahame Jones of the LA Times each have a piece on Cobi.

Also, there's this. Billy talked to Peter Vagenas about Cobi Jones after training on Tuesday and I posted the audio link to it here. It started off with a question Billy posed to Pete about books and Cobi's fondness for books.

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Anonymous said...

I remember him from way back in 1994 when he was in the US Team (and almost more importantly in the Panini Sticker Album)

I dubbed him the Rastaman back then. I was pleasantly surprised Becks was joining up with him.
Now that I've read a bit what he has helped do, saw some older games and so on - I can understand why lots of fans like him so much.

May he add 1 more season (unless the G's make the playoffs and win the MLS Cup)