Thursday, October 18, 2007

Playoffs on line

A win for the Galaxy tonight would keep them right in the thick of the playoff hunt. A draw wouldn't destroy their chances but would take their destiny out of their own hands. A loss, though, would end their season tonight and render Sunday's game in Chicago meaningless for the Galaxy.

I think, however, that the Galaxy has come too far to piss it all away right now. The playoffs are within their reach. I don't think the team is going to roll over right now, especially at home, especially against a team with nothing to play for. I'm thinking Galaxy 2, Red Bulls 0.

Here's my Galaxy preview story for the Press-Enterprise.


JT (Chicago) said...

As a Fire fan, LB, I say thank you for putting your kiss of death prediction on the Galaxy. Bless you, bless you.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn it Luis! Please refrain from making a prediction on Sunday.