Thursday, October 25, 2007

The voodoo that you do

I'm trying to explain to a non-MLS friend how Chicago always beats DC in the playoffs. It defies logic, but it keeps happening.

Of course, the match isn't over yet, so this post could look very foolish soon.


East River said...

Some teams no matter who is playing just have a teams number and the Fire have DC's number. It didn't help that Soehn decided to play both Moreno and Emileo in that meaningless final regular season match and the both got hurt. I mean there is a limit with the whole having your players in good form going into the playoffs school of thought.

pat said...

Not foolish, as it turns out.

JT (Chicago) said...

Armas, Brown & Guiterrez are getting everything they can out of their old legs. Conde & Segares have been tremendous defensively and pushing forward. Pickens, Pause & Robinson are playing the best soccer of their young careers. Rolfe is healthy again. And then there's Mr. White.

Not sure if the hoodoo will continue next week but this team is only a goal scorer away from lifting the Cup again.