Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Classy guy finishes first

Waaaay back in 2006, I took my daughter Yvie out to Home Depot Center with me. I wanted to take some pictures with her and a player or two. The one Chivas USA player I saw and got to take a picture with her was Brad Guzan, who on Wednesday was named the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. Guzan was as accommodating then as he has always been. He's a classy kid and has been from the first time I talked to him.

I've shared this picture before on here but I thought it was appropriate to re-post today.


Anonymous said...

This guys deserves it. We wouldn't be playing Saturday night if it weren't for his shutouts.

JT (Chicago) said...

Glad that local guy Guzan has received this honor. I remember hearing about him first when he was with the Chicago Magic. The first time I saw him play, he was playing as a central defender - big kid, looked the part - but I was told that he was a first rate keeper.

Next time I saw him, he was playing in the Illinois State High School tournament. His team made it to the finals but lost. He wasn't in goal then either. It wasn't until he played for the Chicago Fire reserves that I saw him in goal. You could tell he was special. Too bad that he got away.

Funny thing is that Toyota Park is just 20 minutes from his old hometown. Local hero. Maybe one day in the future he can play for the Fire.

Anonymous said...

I take it this was the same day your daughter took her other famous picture with Kevin Hartman?

L.B. said...

Yes it was. It was the day before the Galaxy beat Chivas 3-0. Yvie either gave Hartman good luck or Brad bad luck or both.

FC Uptown said...

Come on Guzan, get yourself to Arsenal already! Congrats.