Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Greg speaks

Okay, actually he sent an e-mail to the Associated Press. But nevertheless, Greg Ryan discusses his ouster as USWNT coach.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Nobody asked him a question about the Solo fiasco? I guess not; otherwise, AP would have said something like, "Greg Ryan declined to comment about Hope Solo."

You know, you've got to hand it to those AP people. They're right out there asking the tough questions, getting at the heart of the matter.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Oh, he sent an e-mail? OK. Even so, somebody from AP couldn't have e-mailed him back a question about the Solo fiasco?

Anonymous said...

What an A$$!!


mosler said...

"It's me, it's my fault. I chose the wrong way of playing, 100%...I fiddled around with the team and the consequences were all too evident."

A tearful Greg Ryan admiting that resorting to cave-man tactics and making an unsettling roster move on the eve of the team's biggest match in years was all a big mistake?

I'm afraid not. This one is from Reading boss Steve Coppell.

I just wanted to point out that it's not complete fantasy to hope that a coach would accept the blame for making a poor decision.

MC said...

Someone should have asked him about the Solo garbage and why he screwed himself and our team's chances of another world cup.

FC Uptown said...

This guy clearly has issues with confrontation. First he "ex-communicates" Solo, now his contract is not renewed and he "sends an email" to avoid confrontation with the press. Here's the bottom-line Ryan: learn to sack up, confront issues and hash them out and admit mistakes and move on and stop grudging people and take a little responsibility. If you could have done that, you'd still have a job.