Friday, October 19, 2007

Keep on the sunny side

At the beginning of the season, Frank Yallop was ever the optimist. Poor results early in the year didn't dampen his mood too much but by the middle of the season he was f-ing knackered and didn't hide his displeasure with results.

It's been a while but his optimistic mood is back. He didn't slam his team or anything. Quite the contrary, he was pleased that they were still alive in the playoff race.

He said the Galaxy did well not to send everybody forward in the second half in search of a goal and did well to contain the Red Bulls late in the game. By not winning, though, other results impact the Galaxy and the club might be dead by the time Frank goes to sleep on Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for making us able to "be there" virtually for the press conferences or interviews of Frank Yallop.