Friday, October 19, 2007

Intimately Beckham

A few weeks back, I was interviewing Landon Donovan after a game. Other reporters were asking questions and I was recording his answers when I happened to glance at the locker next to Landon's, which is David's. It was very neat, with only a few toiletries on the top shelf. I noticed with a little surprise that on the shelf was Dove deodorant, which is the same brand I use. It was original fragrance, though, while I believe mine is cool cucumber, or something like that. There was also a bottle of Nivea lotion and some smaller items of stuff that I didn't really check out. At the time, I decided that these details were too trivial to mention, even here on the blog. But after the team's win over Toronto, I saw one out-of-town reporter assiduously cataloguing all the contents. I figure Jakarta now knows about the deodorant, so I'm probably not revealing anything too shocking. Last night, though, there were little gift bags scattered around the locker room. Beckham gave his teammates (or his corporate sponsor provided) samples of his new fragrance line.

"We should all wear this stuff tomorrow, so when we come in, we'll all smell like he does," said Troy Roberts to one of his teammates, just as I was leaving the locker room.

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