Sunday, October 28, 2007

Running with the Red Bull

New York's Dane Richards still has an outside chance of picking up Rookie of the Year honors. Unlike Maurice Edu, another top contender, Richards also has a chance to help his team in the MLS playoffs. His speed is one of his greatest assets and it can really stretch the three-man backline of New England.

Here's what the Galaxy's Mike Randolph, no slouch in the speed department himself, had to say about defending Richards.

"Every time they pass him the ball, I feel like I’m at a track meet. I’m just running for my life, basically. He’s a good player, very fast. I just try to keep him in front of me."

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Jonathan Geissler said...

If you wanna make Dane's mother happy, vote for Dane Richards as ROTY.

(if you saw his interviw last night, u know what i mean)