Monday, October 29, 2007

Frank finality

The Galaxy owners, AEG, haven't yet made a decision on whether to retain Frank Yallop. Our poll shows that if our readers had their way, Klinsmann would be the new Galaxy coach.

Some time ago, I asked Landon Donovan if players had spoken to team administration about their preference. Landon admitted the uncertainty was difficult to deal with.

“I think [the players] are doing everything they can for Frank. They’ve given everything for him. If [Galaxy administrators] decide it today or tomorrow, that’s fine. You know how this business is.”

“I’ve gotten to the point where whatever is going to happen is going to happen. If he’s gone, he’s gone. If he stays here, then great. There’s no use worrying about it.”

With the upcoming exhibition games still to be played, Frank's fate could be put off a bit longer.


Anonymous said...

Landon says, "If he stays there, then great." Interesting that he didn't say, "If he stays here, then great."

Or am I reading way too much into that quote?

A.C. said...

Actually that was my transcription mistake. Landon did say "here" but I probably mixed it slightly with the next word and then didn't catch it. Happens sometimes.

JT (Chicago) said...

anon 11:35,

"do you know the way to San Jose, I've been away so long, i may go wrong and lose my way"

or maybe not ... killed that speculation fast AC.

Josh said...

Wouldnt the exhibition games be a good opportunity for a new coach to see the roster as they head into the off-season?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, A.C. Now I can breathe a little easier. I'm paranoid. :)

Nathan said...

See, that's what I get for reading your blog only on the RSS reader. No polls.

Clearly my Yallop vote would have been lost in the stampede to someone with no track record in MLS and a history of being coy.

Okay, I'm being catty about Klinsmann, but I really think that MLS, with its idiosyncracies of scheduling, salary cap, and travel, to name just 3, requires a coach isn't just tactically amazing, but who really understands the league in order to be successful.

Klinsmann has a great pedigree by no direct MLS coaching experience (and unless I'm being unusually dense, I don't think he has direct playing experience either) and when you've got a guy like Yallop on board and, I would say, probably itching to get his reputation back, not to mention a keen understanding of the team, given the pressure they all came through together, then why not give him one full year? With no crazy schedule, a full-time, full-season Beckham, and, fate willing, fewer injuries.

But this sentiment is probably one big reason I'm not a general manager in MLS. That and I've got absolutely no qualifications for the job.

But that didn't stop Alexi Lalas, now did it?

PooBah said...

Hey AC

Are you going to ask him where he(LD) wants to go next year? If Mr. Garber is to be believed, there are no plans for another DP slot for the league. Something has to give. It would be interesting to get LD's take. Either he leaves, or the league makes up a rule to keep him in LA. Or am I missing something? Could he follow Yallop to San Jose??

diego r. said...

I agree with poobah - I think the major storyline to follow this offseason in MLS is whether teams get a second DP slot and if they don't (which I think would be the correct and fair decision) then what happens in LA with Landon Donovan.

or maybe Landon is trying to pull an A-Rod and announce that he's leaving the Galaxy during the first half of MLS Cup 2007 :)

Anonymous said...

the fact that so many readers chose Klinsmann to be the next Galaxy coach dissapoints me. remember he never took Germany though the qualifying stages.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't we hearing about Lalas? If anyone needs to go it's him.