Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Differing levels of happiness

While New England fans are rejoicing their first-ever title, San Jose fans are just happy their team is taking shape.

New England held off FC Dallas on Wednesday to win their first-ever trophy. They can start polishing off the dust and cobwebs from the mantle now. New England went up 3-1 midway through the second half but FC Dallas made it interesting when Abe Thompson scored with about a quarter-hour left. Still, New England finished this game in regulation instead of tied as it had their first four cup finals.

San Jose, meanwhile, is at least a year away from competing for a cup technically, realistically they will struggle for several seasons. However, San Jose fans are likely happy that they will have the chance to struggle as opposed to having a chance for nothing, as is the case now. The 'Quakes introduced John Doyle as general manager and former Quake, former Galaxy player Ian Russell modeled the new jerseys.

The logo is almost the same and in fact looks identical until you examine it from close range.

Congrats to long-suffering Revs fans and congrats to long-suffering San Jose fans.


Anonymous said...

I fear the curse has been broken and New England will start to win titles. I predict them winning the double this year. On the plus side, it doesn't look like the Galaxy are going to do much even if they miraculously make it into the playoffs, so at least the Revs will have it out of their system next year.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the news and pics. Ben

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ian Russell will be their designated player.

EdTheRed said...

Thumbs down to the home black. So many colors to choose from, and instead of going with either their traditional blue or something unique to MLS, they use a color that's already in use. I mean, somewhere down the road, when the league is at 16-20 teams, I'd expect a little duplication, but if Seattle goes with red, blue, or black, I'm gonna call the Fashion Police on MLS.