Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Roster for tour

WNT team loses a couple of players for similar, yet distinct reasons. One player returns to play college soccer - another to coach it.

Yes, Hope Solo is on the list as well.


Anonymous said...

That Head Coach apparently is still there too. :(

Anonymous said...

The law of inertia applies here. Ryan is under contract until the end of the year so isn't going anywhere until then. Hopefully, (pun intended) his contract won't be renewed thereafter.

Der FuƟballhund said...

So, I guess they aren't televising the matches now?

Anonymous said...

sideline can you find out why they wont have the game on matchcast. You have ernie..i mean aarons contact right? we want to see the game dammit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I called the asst. to Gulati and Flynn at US Soccer the asst. said she is glad to forward comments about WNT to the them. So please, don't let inertia prevail. Ryan has performed quite the hat trick...1st Solo
2nd Scurry and 3rd Wambach. Yet he remains, as far as we know, unscathed. Let um how you feel. Now is the time. "contact us" at bottom right takes you to either the phone number or the email..

please take the time

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Hope starts in goal and the fan reaction if she does not.

Wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

Re. law of inertia, I think the law of acceleration might be needed on this one!

There is of course some logic to just not renewing Ryan's contract at year end. Then it would appear as Gulati always intended, review things and make a change if warranted.

Gulati wouldn't want to be seen as overreacting like the team did in it's punishment of Hope, now would he!

Fans must keep the pressure on Sunil NOT to renew this contract.

The Olympics depend on it but since I'm a Canadian, I say renew his contract as this would certainly help our Cdn team! :)

My daughter is a keeper, who I coach in Club Soccer, but she has a high school coach who has put her through a similar experience to yours. So, you have been an inspiration to her.

Stay stong Hope Solo and I hope you're between the posts on Saturday night! Your strength has been an inspiration to many, regardless of borders.

diane said...

I wonder how the conversation with Hope went?..."even though you said something SO unforgivable at the last tournament we played in that, with the world's press watching, we wouldn't let you eat with us, sit with us, stand next to us to receive the medal you won with us, or even fly on the same plane with us, can you make it to the next tournie? suddenly occurred to us we might need you again?...for the sake of team unity?"

That team looks more like a collection of cliques in a school yard than world title contenders -- with a teacher that feeds his ego by stoking the drama. Pity.

A coach that is not inbred or indebted to anyone, who can bring the focus back to what happens on the pitch, is sorely needed.

pat said...

Hope should not return unless she receives a public and honest apology.

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw, what did Ryan do to Wambach?

Do you mean by making the punishment of Hope appear to be a "Team" decision by standing behind Wambach & Lilly (what a COWARD!), thus exposing Wambach (and Lilly for that matter) as the not so loyal teammate she apparently is based on HER public comments?

I have a theory. Ryan's HOPE is to leave a completely disfunctional team/family when his contract isn't renewed, which he knew would be the case after is disastrous decisions during the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Hope was distraction for Norway game, but not for Mexico game. Wow! What's happened since then? How will Wambach and her cronies treat her now? Scurry is on the roster, too! Wow.

They are the bitchiest team I've ever heard of, that's for sure. LA Galaxy, not included.

Anonymous said...

Marci Jobson as Coach?

Would have to be better then Ryan?

Anonymous said...

So apparently Hope wasn't kicked off the team as everyone had assumed, otherwise she wouldn't had been invited to the Mexico series.

So she basically got a one game suspension by the team for her comments against her coach and teammate, which is reasonable punishment. Apparently Hope was o.k. with that, otherwise she would have declined to participate in the Mexico series.

This also puts a hole in the notion that the team turned it's back on her because she was still invited to participate. If the team had turned it's back on her, there is no way she would have been invited to join the team against Mexico.

Anonymous said...

They had to let her play in the Mexico games. She was contracted for them prior to the world cup. They cannot breach that. What happens post mexico is another matter, and i guess will have to wait and see, and hope

Anonymous said...

in a post if you have already called or emailed USSF!!!!!!!!!!!!

If not, call or email...they are not brave and they are not wise...and unless we keep up the pressure they will surely not replace Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the entire team was contracted for the Mexico series, but obviously they are not binding because Stephanie Lopez will be only playing in the match in Portland because she's still playing foe the Univ. of Portland and Marci Jobson won't be playing in any of the games because she has gone back to her job as head coach of Norther Illinois Univ.

If either Hope or the team didn't want to her take part, given the situation, I'm sure she wouldn't be there.

A.C. said...

Actually, I'm not sure Lopez has any contract to appear in the games. She is still in college, so I assume any monetary contract would affect her NCAA status. She is probably putting in as at-will appearance, but she isn't bound by contract.

Considering that a couple of team members admitted that they didn't even know Hope was on the roster until it was released, I also doubt the move was okayed by the team as a whole.

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