Saturday, October 13, 2007

NYT stamp of something

I can't say whether or not the New York Times really approves of our little soccer blog, but people there do read us, they really read us.

They don't mention us by name in this GOAL blog post, but two of the quotes there are from "Quote jambalaya".

Maybe they didn't want to link to us because they don't like jambalaya?

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Anonymous said...

A.C. you desereve the credit, this is a great blog. I must say, almost every comment on the goal blog is great. what do you think about the poster suggesting there is something deeper going on. here is some of what she said "I have spoken to a representative at the pathetic US Soccer Federation personally via telephone and have come to believe that this horrific performance by Ryan and some of the teammates, especially the ones well past their sell by date, is more ominous than just poor coaching and catty behaviour by Solo’s teammates.

In light of Ryan’comments about this post World Cup debacle not being a “Hollywood Romance” is an odd choice of words considering the dynamic of a middle-aged man coaching a team of young women and leaving off not only the best player on the team, but far and away the sexiest, is troubling to say the least. When asked about possible sexual harassment issues, I was referred to the US Soccer Federation’s legal department."