Friday, October 12, 2007

Quote jambalaya

Lori Chalupny:

We left the World Cup on a pretty high note, considering we lost in the semifinals. I think we fought back really well. It was nice to have a little break, going home and getting my mind away from soccer. I’m really looking forward to getting back with the team.

I think in that game, Brazil deserves a lot of credit. They’re a fantastic team. And as well, we didn’t get a lot of bounces. Nothing seemed to go our way. It was definitely really disappointing. We walked into that tournament ranked number one in the world and we wanted to leave that way. Things happen. That’s why we play the game and that’s why it’s such a great game.

No, not really. Bri is an amazing goalkeeper, as is Hope, as well as Nicole Barnhart. All three goalkeepers we feel comfortable with. We’ve trained with them for two years now and it really doesn’t make much of an impact on the team. It definitely made no impact in the way that we prepared for Brazil.

Shannon Boxx

On the WWC
I’m disappointed in my own experience in the World Cup and the way my personal ending happened with the foul, not really believing it was a foul and leaving my team out there with ten men. That was a disappointement for me, especially after I worked so hard to come back from a serious knee injury. It didn’t end the way I wanted it to.

Returning to action:

So I’m excited to get back on the field and play with my teammates, play with Kristine Lilly. It will be good to take a break and refocus. Now my motivation is even stronger to come back and do well at the Olympics, especially after the way my experience ended at the World Cup.

On whether she would want Solo in goal behind her.
It’s not a question for me, it’s a question for the coach. I’m there to play and that’s not my decision. I’m there to do my job and my role and that’s what I’m going to do for the next three games.

Stephanie Lopez
Looking back on Brazil:
I thought that I played poorly. The decisions I made weren’t quick enough. The pressure that Brazil put on us, I don’t think I was ready for it. My decisions weren’t the right ones. That's why I was disappointed that I let my team down. We’re proud to be a team because you win together and you lose together.
On the goalkeeper switch.
My reaction to it was pretty minor. I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I don’t think it really affected me. My roommate was Marian and we didn’t really discuss it. It wasn’t an issue. We just kind of thought that we’d take care of our job and everyone else would take care of theirs’. We all as the defense have a lot of confidence in all of our goalkeepers. They all looked great.
On awareness of public reaction to USWNT
"I'm one of those players who doesn’t read any press. For me, I’ve moved on to what’s before me, my college. I can’t do anything about the press or what’s in the past."


Der Fußballhund said...

I just don't buy into their claims that the goalkeeper switch didn't have an impact on how they played against Brazil. Every coach and player I have spoken with (and some have been directly involved with the WNT) have said that they don't believe it either.

I think the most honest statement made here is from Lopez: "The decisions I made weren’t quick enough. The pressure that Brazil put on us. I don’t think I was ready for it. My decisions weren’t the right ones."

Why wasn't she ready for it? Not properly prepared before the tournament, underestimated Brazil's speed and skill, loss of focus due to major change in line up. My guess is all of the above.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING video below, but more then a little bit painful to watch, even for us Canadian Fans!

Stay Strong Hope Solo!

Joan said...

Leave it to Steph Lopez to be pretty much the only person taking any personal responsibility for anything. I think she's being a bit too kind about the goalkeeper switch, however.

She's a good person and a good player. It's a shame she had to be fitted for a muzzle so early in her career.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe it was 100% the change in Keeper that led to that loss.

Not just the loss of focus, chemistry and momentum due to the change, but the ability of the 2 keepers AT THAT TIME, keeping in mind that Bri hadn't played a full game in 3 months, etc, etc.

The amazing video above tells the entire story quite wonderfully.

Kev said...

I was almost stunned by Lopez's comments. Because, for the first time, a member of this team was actually taking some responsibility for their terrible group play.

Up to this point, it's all been, Brazil played great, it wasn't our day, we were a person down, blah blah blah. From Lilly to Wambach on down, it's been nothing but hubris and deflection.

Kudos to Lopez for the first shred of honesty I've heard from anyone on this team since the Solo incident. Hopefully it's indicative of a whole other facet of the team that's being hidden from view but that will win the day in the end. Once the coach and team leaders, who have quickly become dead weight on the team, move on, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lose the Dope, Keep the Hope!

Coach Ryan MUST be removed!

Charlton Heston said...

Great post Fußballhund.

Reading these post-WWC quotes is enough to disgust the average soccer fan. To sit here and listen to these women wrongfully juxtapose the way male athletes and their team addresses the press is patronizing.

What, the WNT is above that because they won’t air disagreements publicly? The WNT is above that because they only internalize team disconnects? Suspension of disbelief is not possible here when many teams regardless of sex are cohesive with respect to public relations. I mean, what player(s) states that the team won’t operate that way in one breath and then covers her ass the next by saying the coach makes certain decisions? Which is it? It just irks me when a WNT player speaks for the whole team and then when the questions gets tough it’s, ‘well, that the coaches call.’

Who runs that asylum? Shouldn’t the coach determine how the team is managed and how they interact with the press. The WNT/sorority girls can take their kumbayah and sell it silly someplace else, we’re all booked here with this snooty 20 player roster that shuns one player for doing the right thing. I’m more appalled at the rest of the team for not having the uterus to stand for what is right to defend Solo’s honor; I expected back-stabbing from Coach Lilly/Abby and assistant secretary Ryan.

It’s official: FIRE Sunil Gulati.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed on, says "18 Players", not 19. Who might be the 3rd not playing other then Stephani & Marci? Oh my, what are they up to now??

"The U.S. Women’s National Team will face Mexico three times in an eight-day span starting this Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo. (kickoff at 7 p.m. CT) AS 18 PLAYERS from the 2007 U.S. Women’s World Cup Team will travel through three times zones to finish the schedule this year."

Say it ain't so, Hope!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach, not unlike I suspect the one Hope felt when Coach Dope summoned her to his office prior to the semi-final, that Hope will not be there for the 3 game set against Mexico?

Say it isn't so.

Anonymous said...

Hope Solo for President!

Of the country, not the USSF.

A.C., I have just read a rumour that Hope is returning to Sweden, anything to it?

Anonymous said...

Really now what did everyone expect?

If Solo is there she won't play. They will or will not play well in these next three games but they are even less meaningful than the third place loser bowl(where Norway gave up at halftime)so who cares?

They will stonewall now until the Olympics and hope a good performance there will deep six the Solo story forever; Ryan will still be coach because if they haven't fired him by now they never will. And they haven't fired him because they don't want to be seen as giving in to pressure. Besides they are inherently cheapskates. The other players may or may not be Lilly-livered cowards but the reality is if they want to play top level soccer the USWNT is the only game in town. They've all seen how completely Solo's career will be crushed. She is toast.

Solo may be the best goalie but the team will be able to play without her. The US needs beefing up in the other areas but Barnhart or even the creaking Scurry should be reasonable, if mediocre fill-ins until something better comes along. No one is irreplaceable and the protests will eventually go away. Everyone will forget Solo and Nike will find another bunch of fresh-faced, hot-looking young players to replace her.

This all hinges on a dominant performance in the Olympics. So if you are a Solo fan or if you just hate these pinheads, root for the US to do poorly because that will force problems with Nike and the others and force changes. Nike wants Mia Hamm or Maria Sharapova looks and performance not Anna Kournikova.