Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday night footy

I'll have to wait until tonight to do my weekly rankings. I was all set to do them now but then I realized that RSL and Houston have a match tonight.

Giants-Falcons doesn't sound that intriguing to me, but honestly neither does Dynamo-RSL. Still, I might check out the RSL match since I've got the MLS live TV thing and it'll be my last chance to use it. I think I watched something around 10 games on there or so, so I suppose it was worth the $20 I plopped down on it. I'd have watched more if I wasn't out at HDC almost every Saturday of the season.

As far as the MLS game goes, if Houston loses, Chivas USA wins the west. If Houston ties or wins, they would still be alive for the Western Conference top spot when they play Chivas on Saturday.


FC Uptown said...

Good Nick Webster article on a story you mentioned earlier this year on the Chivas-Galaxy SuperClassico.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the article above deserves its own entry...

On the subject at hand... what would you say, Luis, of a Chivas team that goes a whole season without losing at home, and loses its last 2 home games before the post-season [and its last 2 games, period.]